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Midwifery Placement I: Normal Childbearing

Normal Childbearing is the first in a sequence of four clinical courses. The focus of the course is normal prenatal, intrapartum and postnatal midwifery care. Students will develop skills in conducting prenatal and postpartum visits. At births, students will develop skills in providing labour support, monitoring maternal and fetal well-being, and providing hands-on care for deliveries. Students will also develop introductory level skills in care management as a primary care provider, and build a foundation of knowledge regarding normal childbearing including variations of normal and common interventions. By completion of this term, students will have integrated theoretical and clinical content progressively to be able to provide primary care in normal situations throughout the childbearing cycle. Students are expected to apply research findings to clinical situations in their placement and in class. Clinical scenarios will be used for tutorial discussions with faculty tutors. 18 week placement in the Winter term. cr 18. PREREQ: MIDW 2056.