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English Literature, Media, and Writing

Read widely. Think critically. Write creatively.


From novels, films, and essays to graphic novels, video games, and digital media, students in Laurentian University’s English Literature, Media, and Writing program read widely, learning how imaginative and persuasive writing convinces us that the worlds it depicts could be real and that the claims it makes are true. Studying in small classes, our students develop the skills necessary to think critically about what they read and watch, becoming practiced in grasping and explaining how different forms of writing convey complex ideas and information in sophisticated ways. Provoked by the real-world questions and problems they encounter in what they read, our students work closely with faculty members to develop and refine their writing skills in diverse media, creating imaginative and research-informed responses to these concerns.

The English Literature, Media, and Writing program offers students composition-focused courses in science and health communication, creative writing, environmental communication, and documentary filmmaking. Alongside these, students may take courses to study children’s literature, detective fiction, postcolonial studies, Romantic literature, and early modern drama. Students interested in editing and publishing may volunteer for Sulphur, a literary journal edited and published by the students of the English Arts Society. Each year, student excellence in literary criticism, filmmaking, professional communication, and creative writing is celebrated through various awards and public events.

Relevant graduate study opportunities at Laurentian:

Éléments clés

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Learn to write organized and well-researched reports and essays – a fundamental skill that can be applied to a variety of fields.
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Master critical reading – a central skill in the attention-based economy. English literature and composition are teachable subjects for a degree in Education.
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This program prepares students for a wide variety of career outcomes in the public and private sector.

Perspectives de carrière

Professional writing and communication, information management, filmmaking and video production, print and television journalism, creative writing, public relations and media design, non-profit administration and development, education, law and civil service, graduate studies, cultural events programming, management and administration, professional programs, independent business ownership.

Maddie Savage is grabbing a book from a shelf while in the library

Maddie Savage, English Program

What I love about Laurentian is that not only is the campus beautiful, but it is a good enough size that you can get to know your professors. Laurentian has helped me to evolve into a more independent person as well as gain more knowledge. What I enjoy most about my program is that the classes are usually smaller and some of the courses are workshop based. This allowed me to get to know my professors and feel comfortable asking questions. What is unique about my program is that it is an English program, but it is a combination of rhetoric (an ancient art) and media (which continues to be increasingly relevant). I would recommend Laurentian to anyone that is interested in smaller class sizes. I would also recommend my program to anyone interested in writing, particularly the media and the political aspect of writing.

Maddie Savage is grabbing a book from a shelf while in the library

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