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Religious Studies

Understand the nature of religion and its significance for human culture.

Éléments clés

The approach is inclusive and open, embracing religion in all its substantial manifestations, global and historical.
The program may also allow you to find answers to questions such as: How does the environment affect each religion? In what ways does religions shape culture? What interpretation does religion give to ethical issues?
Students can complete their studies online in the following: Concentration, and Minor.

Perspectives de carrière

An education in Religious Studies will help students develop critical thinking, cross-cultural understanding, open mindedness, and clear communications skills. These skills will contribute to the success of those who plan to pursue Religious Studies at the graduate level, but are applicable to a variety of other professions such as political sciences, law, health care, medicine, education, international relations, journalism, social work, etc. This program will also benefit students who are interested in other fields such as History, Literature, Indigenous Studies, etc.

Katrina Young, Concurrent Education, Specialization in Religious Studies, Minor in History

I chose Laurentian for the personalized approach to academics, the beauty and landscape that surround the campus, and the caring nature of the professors and students. My favourite memory made here at Laurentian is watching the sunsets at the private beach. I believe university is all about working hard to earn your degree, as well as making memories with the friends you meet throughout your time here. My advice to prospective students is to take the time to live in the moment and enjoy your time at Laurentian and form friendships, be involved in as many activities you can, all while maintaining a positive relationship between academics and social life. 

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