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Interdisciplinary Studies

Your degree, your way.


Let your passion guide your study.  Earn a customized B.A. degree based on your unique interests. 

Self-motivated, independent students will enjoy a personalized journey through their study and experience a tailored education, both relevant and rewarding.

Éléments clés

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Students must combine the 42-credit Major in Interdisciplinary Studies with one or two 24-credit Minors to complete their 4-year B.A. degree.
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With guidance from a faculty supervisor, you can design your own major around a central theme, combining courses from 3 different Arts disciplines.
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Complete a capstone project in your fourth year of study. This may take on the form of a thesis, literature review, film, or other creative work.

Perspectives de carrière

Professional writing and communication, information management, filmmaking and video production, print and television journalism, creative writing, public relations and media design, non-profit administration and development, education, law and civil service, graduate studies, cultural events programming, management and administration, professional programs, independent business ownership.

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