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Environmental Science

Develop an in-depth, interdisciplinary understanding of modern-day environmental problems and solutions.


Engage in the interdisciplinary study of the natural world. Understand how the environment responds to human activity and how we can solve environmental problems.

Environmental Science extends beyond the traditional science disciplines to examine terrestrial, aquatic, and atmospheric biotic and abiotic systems and their interactions. Graduate with an in-depth knowledge of these environmental systems and how they function naturally and in response to humans.  Develop a range of expertise necessary to address present and future environmental challenges. 

Based in northern Ontario, our program draws on world-class environmental research and community work, with special emphasis on northern freshwater ecology, reclamation of industrially damaged land and lakes, environmental remediation and protection, responsible resource development and climate adaptation.

Éléments clés

Triangle with three molecules on each end
An intensive four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Sciences in Environmental Science (Major and Minor options also available).
Book with a lightbulb popping out of it
Interdisciplinary training built on courses in biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, earth system science, and environmental studies.
Laptop with a graduation cap
Course options related to environmentally issues, thought,ethics, impact assessment, management and sustainability.

Perspectives de carrière

Environmental scientists find employment with a wide range of government and non-governmental agencies, resource companies, consulting firms, research and educational institutions, and many other "green" employers.  Specific job areas include air, soil and water quality monitoring, wild-life management, waste disposal and management, natural and contaminated site assessment, conservation and remediation, risk and impact assessment, planning and policy development, compliance, education, advocacy, and more.

Lianne Girard near a body of water holding a small fish in her hand.

Lianne Girard (Graduated 2019) - Department of Fisheries and Oceans

"The Environmental Science program gives you a lot of flexibility in customizing your degree to your various interests. In addition to a good combination of theory courses, I gained valuable hands-on experience in field courses and was able to complete a Minor in Law and Justice. I always appreciated how helpful, approachable and knowledgeable faculty members were."

Lianne Girard near a body of water holding a small fish in her hand.

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