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Field Geology III

This course shows how geological and ore-forming problems can be solved by integrating detailed mapping with geochemical and petrographic analysis. Students create one or more geological maps and measured stratigraphic/structural sections in three areas: Noranda, Timmins and Sudbury. These areas illustrate different geological and ore-forming environments and the map areas are selected to illustrate particular geological problems. The 10-day field component begins one week prior to the fall session for students entering the 4th year of an Earth Science program. Subsequent laboratory analysis includes examination of samples, whole rock and trace element geochemical data, and thin sections representative of rock types, alteration and mineralization in each map area. Students produce final maps and a comprehensive geological report summarizing each of the map areas, including interpretations derived from geochemical and petrographic data. Students cover all extra costs associated with this course. PREREQ: completion of required 3rd-year GEOL courses and enrolment in the 4-year Earth Sciences program, or instructor's permission. (exp) cr 3.

Earth Sciences