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Gerontology and Exercise

This course is an introduction to gerontological exercise and wellness programming. The course is designed, through theory and practical application, to provide the student with the knowledge, instructional and communication techniques that fitness professionals who work with older adults need to provide safe and effective programming for their clients. A variety of fields will be integrated such as exercise physiology and psychology to ensure a better understanding of basic principles and skills inherent to working with older adults. Special focus will be placed on the frail elderly with special needs towards programming. Proactive approaches to empowering the aging community will be emphasized. Activity programming within an institution such as nursing homes will also be viewed. Special medical needs will also be integrated within exercise programming. PREREQ: PHED 2506/7 or PHED 2516/2527 (may be taken concurrently). (exp 3) cr 1.5.

Kinesiology and Health Science